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A Career in the Pharmaceutical Field   01/08/2004

by: N. S.

Even before the horrific tragedy on September 11, I have had a keen interest in pursuing a career in biological sciences. When my classmates and I were given an opportunity to read a book of our choice for a Biology report, I chose The Hot Zone. The book describes how an airborne disease travels through the atmosphere killing countless number of individuals before finally being contained. This sort of story excites me because I desire to be at the forefront of pharmaceutical research where I envision myself making a difference in people's lives, whether it be in containing a deadly microbiological agent or helping create a new vaccine or drug which saves lives.

My goal may seem like a daunting task, but I believe I can achieve whatever I put my mind to because I have always been a hard-working and inquisitive leader. For example as the President and C-founder of Electronics' club at James B. Conant High School, I helped other fellow students design and build circuits. Even though many individuals can memorize equations like Ohm's Law for current, I=V/R, I like to understand the theory from a fundamental level and then build it back up and apply this concept to solving the more practical problem. With this sort of thinking, I believe I can excel in the biological sciences and accomplish my goal.

Another leadership role that I played was as chairman of our school blood drive. I worked tirelessly to encourage fellow students as well as faculty members to donate the "gift of life." Because of the success of the blood drive, the executive board and its advisors unanimously voted me to receive the Student Council Member of the Month award for my dedication, diligence, and hard work. Not only do I have an interest in the biological sciences but also a passion for helping others, whether it is in volunteering at the local hospital r tutoring students at a local school. A love for the biological sciences and a desire to help people are the major motivations for me in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical field. Although the pharmaceutical profession can entail filling prescriptions at the local pharmacy, I envision myself being involved in an industry where I can make a difference in arenas such as vaccine development, pharmaceutical research, and bioterrorism.

As a student of Drake University, College of Pharmacy I know I am at the forefront of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. I would like to pursue research opportunities on new medicines that will help cure diseases not only for our society but world community at large. This goal may seem daunting but with my strong interest for research work coupled with hard work, perseverance, and positive attitude, I believe I can accomplish it and make a difference. As I continue to strive towards my career aspirations, my first step is to receive my Doctorate in Pharmacy.

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