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From: J. M.                              03/02/2005

Graduate Student in Department of Pharmacy Healthcare Administration University of Toledo College of Pharmacy

What Contribution Will I Make To My Profession When I Graduate?

Pharmacy is not just counting pills. It's a significant and honorable occupation that reaches into almost all aspects of health care. Pharmacists contribute to patients care in a variety of settings. They are the trustworthy link between physicians and patients. Their expertise in the field of medicine helps in preventing many drugs side effects. They not only educate consumers on the medications use, but also ensure that the patients are getting the best health care benefits available for them.

Health science has made very high quality progress and has been effective in reducing health problems and death rates, but its dividends have not been equally shared among the different racial and ethnic groups. A perfect metaphor would be to view the world as a rich and complex tapestry of colors, backgrounds and interests. Understanding this tapestry and its implications on health disparities can enable a health practitioner reduce a number of preventable disease among the multicultural population groups. Finding ways to eliminate such disparities in community healthcare has become one of the major research issues in the field of pharmacy. One of the ways to assist in the noble cause of eliminating minority health disparities is by producing quality pharmacy health professionals who with their knowledge will be able to capitalize on the new opportunities, make use of the quality healthcare resources and deliver quality health care solutions to the future population.

A person's knowledge and education increases when he spreads it to others. Based on this thinking, my personal interests, and considering the importance of producing quality future health care professionals, my contribution to the profession of pharmacy when I graduate will be in the form of a good professor and advisor for the future pharmacy students.

Along with the understanding of the subjects like pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics. I feel pharmacists should also have the knowledge of different culture and be culturally competent so that they can educate and counsel their patients of diverse populations in a healthier way. I feel it is imperative for the future pharmacists to have knowledge of the different cultures to assist in the noble cause of eliminating minority health disparities. My contribution in this will be make use of my research interests and my knowledge and education in the field of cultural competence to improve the quality of life for the entire population irrespective of their ethnicity/race.

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