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February 2003  Amnesteem From: Bertek Pharmaceuticals


A few weeks ago, an Amnesteem shelf hanger was sent to you via Pharm/alert.  This document has been revised and should be replaced with the enclosed shelf hanger.

The bullet point, "MUST have been written within past 7 days (female patients only)" has been revised.

The revision deletes the phrase "(female patients only)."

Prescriptions for both males and females must have been written within the past 7 days.

As a reminder:

    The qualification date on the yellow sticker is for female patients only and refers to the date of the confirmatory negative pregnancy test.  Prescriptions for female patients must be filled within 7 days of the qualification date written on the yellow sticker.

    Prescriptions for male patients do not require a qualification date on the yellow sticker, and must be filled within 7 days of the date the prescription was written.  The qualification date for the male patient is the date on the prescription.

Please replace the previous shelf hanger with the enclosed revised version dated January 2003.


James H. Sherry, MD, PhD                                                                                                                              Vice President, Clinical Research






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