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From : To RxLink Pharmacy from Drake University 2007

Why I decided to pursue pharmacy school?  S.W.

Becoming a pharmacist has been a dream of mine for many years.  Helping others with there health care needs is interesting and rewarding for me.  I presently work part-time in a pharmacy and I enjoy every day of it.  There were many obstacles in my life that have put this dream on hold for a while but nothing to stop me from finally going for it. 

As a young adult I made the decision that instead of going to college I would have a family.  I got married at age 19 and had a beautiful daughter.  Two years later I was a divorced, single mother.  Now I felt there was no way to possible that I could go to school and raise a daughter by myself.  I continued working full-time and held a part-time on the side.  There was not a month that went by that we weren't struggling to get by.  We had the necessities, but that was all.  I decided one day that this way of living was not good enough for me or my daughter and I set out to make things better for us.  I realize that going to school while I raise my daughter and work doesn't sound appealing but I could see the benefits in our future.  I am finally achieving my goal and I feel great about it.  Things for us now are no different than when I was working two jobs but there will come a day when I can look back on these times and realize that I made a wonderful decision that would change our lives drastically.  Some day my daughter and I will have the little things we want.  I also feel that my daughter will learn and grow from my mistakes.  She has been there with me through the struggles and I am constantly reminding her of how necessary it is to achieve a college education.  I will not let go of this dream and I will never give up.  There is no doubt in my mind that in another four years I will become a pharmacist.  So, as you can see there are several reasons for me to attend pharmacy school and most of them hold a giant place in my heart.

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