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"Why I chose Pharmacy School"                   SOSU 2002

 As a young adult in today's fast paced world, I have made a commitment to myself to always strive for my dreams, whether big or small. No matter what task is at hand, I never give less than my best. Steve Prefontaine, a gifted runner and Olympic athlete, once said, "To give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." My intent to always give my best can be seen in all aspects of my life, including academics. My parents taught me the importance of having a balance in all areas of my life. Having these values instilled in me at an early age helped me to become the person I am today.

I owe my interest in pharmacy to my high school chemistry and biology teacher, Mr. Arneson, who sparked my interest in the field of science at Bishop Kelley High School, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He made science so interesting that I went on to take Advanced Placement Chemistry my senior year in high school. A year later, I attended the University of Oklahoma with the intention of earning a chemistry degree. However, after taking chemistry my first year in college, I soon realized that I am very much a people person, and felt that with a chemistry degree I would not be doing what I truly wanted to do with my life. After visiting with several pharmacists, I decided to learn more about a career in pharmacy. To see what retail pharmacy entailed, I obtained a summer job at Drug Warehouse.

Making the decision to change my major, I transferred from the University of Oklahoma to Southwestern Oklahoma State University to pursue a degree in pharmacy. Working that summer in the pharmacy at Drug Warehouse, then this past summer in the pharmacy at Walgreens, made me see the interaction that the pharmacist had with patients, doctors, and other health care professionals. I also got to see how the knowledge learned in pharmacy school is applied to each individual situation. Together, these two jobs helped kindle the interest I already had in pursuing a career as a pharmacist.

I feel that Pharmacy School has many different things to offer me. Getting to apply my two favorite subjects, math and science, to everyday situations is wonderful. It is even better to know that my knowledge learned in pharmacy school will be helping patients to better their quality of life. Overall, my life has been dedicated to never giving less than my best. A pharmacists is a key player in the health care process and maintains a special link between doctors and patients. The diversity of opportunities within the pharmacy profession excites me. From my work experience in two pharmacies, I feel that being a pharmacist would be and ideal career choice for me.

From Victory Pharma

October 11, 2004

Dear RxLink Pharmacist:

Effective immediately, Victory Pharma, Inc. is pleased to announce the new single source branded formulations of the Duratess product line. This includes Duratess Tablets, Duratess GP Tablets, Duratess DM Elixir, and Duratess HD Elixir. Indications and dosing will remain identical to the previous formulations. There is no generic equivalent to any of these products as these formulations are protected under patents that are pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The following products no longer contain pseudoephedrine: Duratess Tablets, Duratess GP Tablets and Duratess HC Elixir. Instead, the new formulations will contain phenylephrine as a decongestant. The move away form pseudoephedrine was spurred by market events (e.g. legislation passed by several states which addresses theft, diversion, and special handling requirements). Victory Pharma, Inc. is sensitive to concerns associated with these actions and is taking a proactive stance by replacing pseudoephedrine in its product line.

The new formulations will be available for you to order through your primary and secondary wholesalers the week of October 11. Please update your system appropriately with the new NDC numbers.

PRODUCT                                     OLD NDC                        NEW NDC

Duratess Tablets                            68453-612-10                 68453-615-10

Duratess GP Tablets                       68453-640-10                 68453-645-10

Duratess DM Elixir                          50474-630-16                 68453-500-16

Duratess HD Elixir                           59474-610-16                 68453-400-16

Should you have any questions regarding these products, please contact out customer service department at 866-427-6819.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

Victory Pharma, Inc.

Duratess is contraindicated in individuals with known hypersensitivity to sympathomimetics, severe hypertension, or patients receiving MAO inhibitors.


To: RxLink®

From: NDC Health

October 5, 2004

You asked-We listened-We delivered

NDCHealth is pleased to announce our new Pre % Post editing-Action View report, available only through the Internet. Among many benefits, the Action View report:

-Allows you to focus on the prescriptions where you can make the most impact.

-Lists prescriptions where opportunities exist to make corrections to claim and resubmit.

-Helps increase your overall reimbursement.

When you register for web-based reporting, you will automatically receive the Action View report. To register for web-based reporting- and to receive the Action View report-go to the Internet address below and use your NABP number and your Authorization Code.


Upon registering successfully, we will immediately provide you a login and a system-generated password. Your first web-based report will be available next month. It's that easy.

For further assistance, call the NDCHealth Pharmacy Support Center at 800-388-2316


Donna Moore

Manager, Pharmacy Services-Independent Operations

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