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09/14/04 Distribution Changes for Lamprene®

09/06/04 The benefit most Aetna members use most frequently is their prescription drug coverage.

04/16/04 RxLink Carolina Pharmaceuticals feels obligated to correct misinformation that you may have received concerning the regulatory status of Humibid LA and Humibid DM.

04/15/04 RxLink News from Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Ortho Biotech on changes for Sporanox®

03/27/04 Reliant Pharmaceuticals is now the sole owner and marketer of the RYTHMOL (propafenone HCL) brand family of products in the United States.

12/30/03 Transdermal Calcium Channel Blockers PDLabs

01/14/04 Alpharma, a market leader in generic pharmaceutical products, has renamed its branded division...

01/14/04 Xanax XR is now approved for panic disorder, with or without agoraphobia...

02/20/04 Namenda has been proven effective as first-line monotherapy in the treatment of moderate to severe AD.

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05/04/04  New Medco Medicare-approved Prescription discount cards

05/04/04  AmerisourceBergen Retail Level Recall Notification

Pharmacy Business Support

02/23/04 FDA approval of Lamictal tablets from GlaxoSmithKline

02/19/04 Purepac's Loazepam Tablets have cumbled during storage..

Pharmacy Press Releases | Pharmacy Industry News

05/04/04  Novartis drug warning and important prescribing information for Zelnorm

Rx Insurance Info News from PBMs | WellPoint | from Merck-Medco | Aetna

One Voice - One Vision! 

RxLink 02/16/05 - Small Pharmacy thrives along with its customers, community

RxLink 01/27/05 - The Entrepreneurs of Color Council® will present its flagship and community service awards and honor three businesses during its Annual Award Reception on Friday February 4, 2005 including RxLink.

RxLink 01/17/05 - I will continue to be active in organizations that help independent pharmacies through legislation and networking.

RxLink 01/17/05 - Change in packaging for CombiPatch

RxLink 01/13/05 - Pfizer continues to stand behind the efficacy and safety of Bextra®

RxLink 01/04/05 - Micardis and Micardis HCT Package Change Announcement!

RxLink 12/26/04 - Important Correction of Drug Information from JANSSEN Pharmaceutica (Risperdal)

12/07/04 RxLink Pharmacy - Safety and dosing informations regarding labeling for Procrit epoetin alfa.

12/06/04 - Info for the Independent Operations from NDC Health.

12/06/04 - The new single source for Duratus

12/03/04 - Topamax tablets new for Migrain Prevention

RxLink Pharmacy 11/29/04 - Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals (MSP) is pleased to introduce VYTORIN.

11/29/04 - Bioval Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Announcing an important new indication

11/29/04 - New choices when it comes to filling diltiazem prescriptions

11/27/04 Quiet Storm ahead.

$3 M Affinity Clinic...

11/15/04 RxLink Urgent Claims notice from Humana-Military Healthcare Services

10/11/04 - Lustra and Lustra-AF (hydroquinone USP 4%) added to the TaroPharma Portfolio of Dermatology Products

10/07/04 - Acorda's acquisition of Zanaflex from Elan....

RxLink 10/06/04 - VIOXX Voluntary Withdrawal

Did you know that you can refill all your prescriptions on line?     

09/13/04 AstraZeneca announced a labeling change in the European Union for CRESTOR®

08/23/04 Important Correction of Drug Information from Janssen Pharmaceutica Inc. about Risperdal relating to hyperglycemia and Diabetes Mellitus.

06/11/04 Important Return Policy Change Information

 05/10/04 Mallinckrodt important return policy change information

04/12/04 Pfizer is pleased to announce that VFEND® (voriconazole) is now indicated for the treatment of esophageal candidiasis...

03/26/04 Zithromax Tri-Pak is now FDA approved for the treatment of acute bacterial sinusitis.

03/14/04 Info on Tamoxifen Therapy in Postmenopausal Women with Primary Breast Cancer.

02/24/04 RxLink From: Tap Pharmaceutical Products Inc. The new use for Prevacid® NapraPAC™

SPhinx Pharmacy Ventures to open new store in the Fox Cities - Appleton WI!

Swan Corp 1 secured contract and started construction on a new Pharmacy located in a new $ 5 M. building on The South Suburban Hospital Campus - Hazel Crest IL.  South Suburban Pharmacy, Inc. an independant will start Pharmacy Operations soon in the next few months. The new Pharmacy was designed by RxLink.

12/30/04 - Important new information about Lindale Shampoo and Lindale Lotion, USP 1%

12/09/04 - Duramed Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the acquisition of Plan B®.

12/08/04 - Changes in how INTRON A Powder for Injection is supplied.

11/22/04 - 11/22/04 - Important Safety Alert Regarding Medication Errors.

From Sepracor: XOPENEX 1.25 mg dose currently used to prevent bronchospasm in adults and adolescents is now available in a unit-dose, ready-to-dilute, concentrate formulation.

10/12/04 - Efudex availability of 40gm size of Efudex 5% cream and Price Notification

Help! Please send me my rebate! 08/30/04

03/26/04 New boosted dosing approved for INVIRASE

03/26/04 INVIRASE new dosing strategy offers potent option in combination with other Anti-HIV drugs

07/19/04 Product Information about Effexor XR

06/01/04 Introducing EBRITUX, The First and Only lgG1 Monoclonal Antibody That Binds Specifically to the EGF Receptor (HER1 or c-ErbB-1) on Both Normal and Tumor Cells

05/25/05 Launching of CRESTOR (rosuvastatin calcium) for lower cholesterol

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03/14/04 Updated information on what to do by patients and caregivers from Janssen Pharmaceuticals regarding patch leaks.

03/14/04 Janssen has taken immediate steps to correct the Duragesic patches leak.

03/10/04 Biogen idec has reintroduced AVONEX® (interferon beta-1a) Administration Packs.

03/10/04 Discovery of counterfeit packaging for Precision QID.

05/10/04  New Spiriva HandiHaler Pharmacy Education Shelf Kit

05/04/04  New CLARITIN Hives Relief™

05/04/04   Purdue Urgent Recall Information






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