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This is my second year as a pharmacy student. I am currently enrolled in the pharmacy program here at the University of Iowa. I know that I am capable of being a good pharmacist and that my dedication and determination will help me to achieve my goals.

I chose to pursue an education and career in the pharmacy field because like most, I have a desire to do what I know I am interested and committed to doing. All my life, I have heard the phrase, "if you want to get somewhere in life, you got to have the will and the power to grasp that dream you know you were meant to have." Growing up, I learned a lot about life. One of them being that things don't come easy. I experienced the lesson first hand when I chose to accept the opportunity to skip my sophomore year of high school. I believe it was the persistent determination I had in high school that built me into the very strong person I am today. I learned all about responsibility and became very efficient at balancing time between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, friends, and family. I realized that when things start looking down, then it is time I must work even harder for my dreams to come true.

I had never truly understood the importance of a pharmacist's role in a person's life until I had the chance to work in a hospital's pharmacy department. I witnessed how much one depends on another human being's advice in what to consume into the body. In other words, the trust factor found between the pharmacist and the patient is more phenomenal than anything i have ever imagined. I was extremely impressed to see how pharmacists knew each of the ingredient of any given medication, and I became fascinated that they knew how each compound specifically helped or harmed the human body. To know so much about medicine and the body itself is a major accomplishment in life. I would like that kind of responsibility and the reassuring feeling that comes afterwards knowing that I've helped someone in need.

I have the will and the heart to become a pharmacist. I have never been so interested in a medical field as I am in the pharmaceutical realm. Ending on that note, it is my desire to help people less fortunate than me in any way possible. With this in mind, this goal has made me who I am today. I am a very caring individual who is ready to do whatever it takes to help those in need of some personal attention and care in order to feel better about themselves, and I believe that an education and career in the pharmaceutical field is a great way to achieve my goals.

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The Present and the Future of Pharmacy    2001

In the last quarter century, pharmacy has expanded its role within the health care delivery system from a profession focusing on preparation and dispensing of medications to patients to one in which pharmacists provide a range of patient-oriented services to maximize the medicine's effectiveness. Medicines today have great power to heal and to improve the quality of life for millions of Americans. But medicines also may do serious harm if not taken correctly. This is where the role of the pharmacist is most important.

Pharmacists practice in a number of health care settings including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations, LTC, academia, research and others. However, nearly everyone is familiar with community pharmacists and the pharmacy in which they practice. Six out of every ten pharmacists provide care to patients in a community setting. You probably visit the community pharmacist more often than you do any other member of the health team. Pharmacists talk to people when they are healthy and when they are sick, when they are "just browsing" or when they are concerned with an emergency; when they have specific needs as well as when they are seeking advice or information.

Community pharmacists are playing an increasing role in the "wellness" movement, especially through counseling about preventative medicine. Pharmacists serve patients and the community and by referring patients to other sources of help and care, such as physicians, when necessary. Likewise, advances in the use of computers in community pharmacy practice now allow pharmacists to spend more time educating patients and maintaining and monitoring patient records. As a result, patients have come to depend on the pharmacist as a health care and information resource of the highest caliber.

Community pharmacists, in addition to the variety of tasks performed in and out of the pharmacy, are specialists in the science and use of medcations. They are knowledgeable about the composition of drugs, their chemical and physical properties, and their manufacture and uses. Additionally, a pharmacist understands the activity of a drug and how it will work within their body. More and more prescribers rely on pharmacists for information about the various drugs, their availability and their activity just as patrons do when they ask about nonprescription medcations.

The community pharmacist is in an ideal position both to ensure that drugs are used in the safest and most effective way possible, and to encourage appropriate self-care. In addition, since people trust pharmacists as educated and approachable health professionals, they often present them with a variety of nonmedication-related questions concerning such issues as birth control or alcohol abuse. For practical purposes in day-to-day practices, community pharmacists are central in helping patients receive the most benefit from the medications we provide.

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February 2003

From : Drake University

Why I decided to pursue pharmacy school?  S.W.

Becoming a pharmacist has been a dream of mine for many years.  Helping others with there health care needs is interesting and rewarding for me.  I presently work part-time in a pharmacy and I enjoy every day of it.  There were many obstacles in my life that have put this dream on hold for a while but nothing to stop me from finally going for it. 

As a young adult I made the decision that instead of going to college I would have a family.  I got married at age 19 and had a beautiful daughter.  Two years later I was a divorced, single mother.  Now I felt there was no way to possible that I could go to school and raise a daughter by myself.  I continued working full-time and held a part-time on the side.  There was not a month that went by that we weren't struggling to get by.  We had the necessities, but that was all.  I decided one day that this way of living was not good enough for me or my daughter and I set out to make things better for us.  I realize that going to school while I raise my daughter and work doesn't sound appealing but I could see the benefits in our future.  I am finally achieving my goal and I feel great about it.  Things for us now are no different than when I was working two jobs but there will come a day when I can look back on these times and realize that I made a wonderful decision that would change our lives drastically.  Some day my daughter and I will have the little things we want.  I also feel that my daughter will learn and grow from my mistakes.  She has been there with me through the struggles and I am constantly reminding her of how necessary it is to achieve a college education.  I will not let go of this dream and I will never give up.  There is no doubt in my mind that in another four years I will become a pharmacist.  So, as you can see there are several reasons for me to attend pharmacy school and most of them hold a giant place in my heart.

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