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To: RxLink                                                                               01- 21 - 2004

T. K.  Ph-2 Xavier College of Pharmacy

Why I chose the RPhLink Pharmacy Internship Program!

   I am a second year pharmacy student at Xavier College of Pharmacy, my GPA is 3.4 and I will graduate in May 2006 with my PharmD.  I am interested in the summer internship program and I feel that I would get a lot from the program, because I have some experience in each of the areas.  Although I have already worked in all the areas, I only know what it's like as technician and not a Pharmacist.  I think that being able to visit LTC facilities, reviewing patient charts and so on, will give me a better understanding of each.  I started working in Pharmacy in Nov 1997. I have four years of retail experience, one year of LTC facility and one year of hospital experience. ........ Thank you.

To: RxLink

"What contribution will I make to my profession when I graduate?"       12/17/04

From: C Q

Washington State University

PharmD candidate 2006

My contribution to my future profession is a gift that stems from my family and my experience from different pharmacy related fields. The experience began three years ago when pharmacy school began to challenge and expand my horizons. When I first entertained the idea of applying to pharmacy school I was a technician at a local independent retail/compounding/infusion pharmacy. After working there for only a few months, I realized the massive potential that the career held. My store not only consisted of retail and compounded bio-identical hormones; they had cornered every pharmacy related niche including: durable medical equipment, oxygen therapies, CPAP and BIPAP therapies, and motorized wheelchairs. I realized that t there was a whole lot more to pharmacy than counting pills by five and counseling on antibiotics. I soon took a pharmacology class at the local university to augment my pharmacy interest; I began applying to pharmacy schools and was soon accepted at Washington State University. The first summer back from school I immediately found a job at the local hospital learning about the acute care setting. I went on rounds with pharmacists and learned even more about the diverse roles of a clinical pharmacist. I interacted with patients and learned about specific drug related protocols. In one specific case I was running an errand in the hospital and this man approached me. He was contemplating suicide and needed to talk to someone. I asked my supervisor if I could take my break early. I bought the man a candy bar and simply listened to him and his story. That day I realized the importance of becoming a healthcare professional.

The second year of school was exciting. The classes became more saturated with useful and practical knowledge. January of that year I had applied for an internship at Biogen-idec Inc. Spring came soon enough and finals were just around the corner, I didn't think I would hear from Biogen-idec but sure enough the phone rang. The lady said, "I am offering you the internship, how would you like to work in Cambridge:. I was enthused about the job and immediately thought about working in England! After talking to the lady from Biogen-idec she informed me that there job was not at their UK site, but rather in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Nonetheless, I was still excited and within a week after finals my bags were packed and I traveled 3,000 miles away to Cambridge. I was eager to learn about the pharmaceutical industry. I reported tot he Regulatory Affairs department and I was handed a number of projects to accomplish and present before the summers end. I went through training on the drug development process from discovery to FDA approval. I learned the ins and outs of the companies' drugs and what the extensive regulations were when developing a drug. Our group worked on the drug Tysabri, also then known as Antigen. It was undergoing phase III trials at the time and it was very exciting times for the company and the world of Multiple Sclerosis. As of today the FDA has approved Tysabri and it will soon begin to reshape the current therapy for Multiple Sclerosis.

After my fascinating and educational summer, my brother was unfortunately diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The news impacted our family and we naturally formed a support network to embrace the impact of the illness. In many ways it has made our family grow stronger. Professionally, it also helped me grow as now I can better appreciate and relate to the impact of disease on a more personal level. My brother will be one of the first patients in our area to receive Tysabri. He will receive the drug at the infusion center I once worked for.

The beginning of my third year in pharmacy school I looked at my career path with a whole new light. I decided to volunteer at the Spokane hospice. I have been assigned to a patient and help out whenever I am available. I also make pharmacy recommendations with the guidance of a hospice nurse on general health and wellness. My peers and even my professors were skeptical of my new outlook on volunteering and always wondered what was influencing me. I respond to these people, "I do it, simply because I care and have the ability to help out".

I have realized through my experience what the great potential and rewards this career has to offer. One of the greatest rewards, however, comes from the satisfaction received from caring, My pharmacy experience has taught me that whatever pharmacy setting I choose I can make a difference by caring. When I graduate and become a pharmacist I will continue to care for my patients in the same fashion as I do for my brother and family. Hopefully others, including my fellow colleagues, will realize their greater potential and together we will enhance the care-giving potential of our profession. Caring, in my eyes, makes us better people and is the greatest powerful contribution anyone can make.


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