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The #1 Link for Pharmacy Students


  As a young boy, growing up I have always wondered what I will like to do as a profession, a lawyer, doctor, nurse engineer or may be a priest. This question has been with me for a very long time but not any more. I have found what I want to do as a profession, I want to be a pharmacist. What made me choose this profession over all other profession? The more I think about it, the question I have is not " why " any more but " why not. "

  For many years in a row now, pharmacists have been voted the most trusted professional in America over all other professions which includes medical doctors, nurses, priests etc. by Gallup pool. Why is this important at all for me to mention? Does it make any difference if they are no 1 or not? Actually, it does, because for the same reasons the public have liked and trusted the profession, are the same reasons I have beloved the profession myself. That is, accessibility and knowledge.

  Accessibility of pharmacists to the public have been one of the main reason people value their profession. Pharmacists see more patients than any other health professional. They are out there to help patients with their medications and health.The public can count on them when in need of a health advise. Community pharmacist not only serve not as a drug expert for the people and the health care providers, they also serve as most people's first line health care provider.

  For instance, in the middle of a day a woman noticed that her son has not be feeling well, so she called a nearby pharmacy. She complained to the pharmacist that her son might have a cold. What can she give him? The pharmacist asked her a few questions and finally recommended an over the counter medication to her. The pharmacist advice her to the doctor or go to emergency hospital if the symptoms gets worse. In a few days after taking the medications, the child's symptoms resided, and he is up and running again. Just like that a patient is help, no questions asked. These are my kind of people. While, not all people would have called the pharmacy for this advise, but it is good for many families to know that pharmacists are well knowledgeable enough to make a difference in their health when needed.

  Pharmacists are well trained professional with strong background in pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and pathophysiology and therapeutics. With the new six years of college degree, pharmacists have evolved from only drug experts to health care providers that can help start drug therapy and manage many disease state both in the hospitals and communities in a cost effective manner.

  Pharmacists are also well paid professional with a good descent salary that makes it quite a self-fulfilling field.

  I am happy that the profession I chosen is a profession I admire and revere, the same profession everybody respects and value. So in the end when I graduate from school to become a pharmacist, I am going to go out there to help my patients and make a difference, knowing that the public respect and understand the values that pharmacists provide.

The #1 Link for Pharmacy Students

Spring Break 02.

RPhLink. RPhLink.com offers Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs a wide range of Pharmacy Business opportunities. Pharmacists and Techs are Linking to the site to get current Pharmacy Business News and Great Job Opportunities.. for Pharmacy Grads and Interns.

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How I Will Make a Difference in the Profession of Pharmacy

"Is it really that close?" I ponder, shaking my head in disbelief. As a pharmacy student rapidly approaching graduation, the long years of learning, studying, taking tests, and battling in the trenches of academia alongside my fellow students are now coming to a rapid close. So many nights have passed without sleep as drug interactions, chemical structures, and mechanisms of action danced from textbook to brain, lodging themselves firmly somewhere deep in the cranium. Anxious days and restless nights have passed as finals relentlessly approached. Lifelong friendships have been forged in the sweat and fire of a common goal, working the hours away and learning the nuances of the art and science called pharmacy. Despite this closure and the obvious celebration of completing a hard-fought task, one central question resounds in my brain: Why do I want to be a pharmacists? I feel that this question can be answered best by reviewing what originally brought me to the profession of pharmacy.

My formative years were spent on a small wheat farm with my grandmother and grandfather. Times were often cruel on the flatland, and my memory pulls me back to many a frigid morning on the barren plains when my grandfather would arise at dawn, starting the long day of work. The years of toil accumulated, as they tend to do when the body ages and he had rarely admitted the random aches and pains he surely felt. The day finally came when he had to concede to the years of brutal work by following "pill schedule". This was not what he wanted to do, and he loudly voiced that opinion to all of the family and occasionally to the family practitioner. Despite this, he never had an unkind word to say to the pharmacist. He always showed respect for the local pharmacist above that level he had for the doctor who had placed the imposition of medications upon him. I witnessed this, and asked, "That pharmacist is even more important than a doctor is? How can that be?" My grandfather's answer to the question was as clear as January ice. "He's the one who spends the time to go over these pills with me, and explains everything to me. The doctor is always in such a hurry, he just gets me in and out, then sends us the bill. I've known then both for years, but the pharmacist always visits with me as a friend," was his reasoning for his high level of respect. He truly appreciated the interaction he had with our pharmacist. Not long after this conversation, my grandfather left this world, but I never forgot that particular conversation.

I have since seen for myself and realized time again that the few minutes spent counseling patients can be the most important part of the profession of pharmacy. Some patients are elderly and may be quite confused, and an extra effort to clarify medications can become the personal touch that the patient desperately needs, providing them with comfort and reassurance in addition to their basic information. Having a "regular" recognize me and tell me about their day as they ask about mine as well illuminates the role I can have as a pleasant acquaintance to a patient. Having this dame person rely on my advice when they call late at night feeling ill shows me my worth as a trusted source of reliable medical information. Seeing the troubled lines on the face of a concerned mother melt away into a smile as she starts to truly understand how and when to administer a suspension to her crying daughter makes the whole day worthwhile. Forming an actual bond with someone who needs my expertise and compassion evaporates all the sleepless nights of studying I have spent to achieve this goal.

So many times, pharmacy can be a hectic pursuit, as the phone rings, orders pile towards the ceiling, patients demand attention angrily, and everything seems to move faster than it can be chased. This frenzied atmosphere can hurry the pharmacist-patient interaction as well, and make us wonder why our patients do not give us the respect we deserve. We can sometimes expect this respect on our position alone, before we even talk to the patient. Pharmacy has evolved rapidly over the last century in numerous ways, yet this profession still revolves around quality care for the patient. Pharmacy has ranked as the most trusted profession in America because of pharmacists who take the time to truly care for the people they serve. It is my clear intention, as my grandfather instilled in me with that conversation, to not only provide all the necessary information to the patient, but also to strive to earn the trust and friendship of that patient. The patient deserves the extra attention and I need to work hard to gain the respect of the patient. My grandfather wouldn't have it any other way.



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12/20/07 - From L.D. - Mission, KS - Possibly interested in becoming a consultant pharmacist. Currently, I am a retail pharmacist but looking for a change from the retail field.  Reply

04/18/05 - DWM/RPh - Madison, WI - Looking for a SWF/RPh (preferred) for special dinners and fun. 

01/08/05 - Request note and Hi! -  from Gina, PharmD.  Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice Albany College of Pharmacy.

01/07/05 - Hi!  From L. L. - Second year Pharmacy Student at Xavier University College of Pharmacy. Pharmacy Student Association: 2004/2005 Congressperson. Intern at a chain...

12/04/04 - From Shorewood, Il - Happy Holiday!  from Chaya R.  pharmacy student, third year intern at a chain.  Graduation date: may 2006.

11/10/04 -  My name is Mark T.  (Mr.  T.) and I am a first professional year student at Purdue University's School of Pharmacy.  Looking for info on Pharmacy Scholarships... Any ideas?   

11/10/04 - Hi! from Paul S. Pharmacy student at the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy in Stockton, CA.

11/09/04 - I am a student of last course of pharmacy in Spain. I am very interested in working in any field of Pharmacy care in USA next summer. I have been working this past summer in a Pharmacy in Dublin-Ireland.  Looking forward to hearing from you!   M.  Jimenez...

10/07/04 - Hi, I am looking to enter a pharmacy school next fall where I will be able to work toward a PharmD. Unfortunately, I don't have the best GPA, overall around 2.9 and prereqs around 3.3, and I've already graduated with Biochem BS. Fortunalely I have years of experience working since my grandfather and my father have both owned a pharmacy. My question is this, does anyone know what schools might be easier to get into, any where in the nountry, since I'm a hawaii resident, and there is no programs here for it. Any schools that look more at experience than grades? Oh, and I'm taking the PCAT in a few weeks. Just trying to get a feel for the different schools to choose from. Any would be great! Thanks so much.  Becky R.  @ hawaii.edu.

10/01/04 - We are the biggest chain of Pharmacies in the Eastern Area of Saudi Arabia. We have spent more than one year to make it well-structured. Dr. Kamal.

06/12/07 - Just wondering... Hello! I'm looking to enter a pharmacy school next fall where I will be able to work towards PharmD. Yet, I don't have the greatest grades. My cumulative GPA is 2.7 and the prerequisites are around 3.0. However, I do have a bachelors degree in Biology and have a minored in Chemistry. My question is that, do you know any schools that might be easier to get into with this GPA? Plus, I'm also looking for financial aids. Do most pharmacy schools offer these financial aids? Are their any schools that look more at experiences than grades, since I have various experiences in pharmacy settings and have volunteered as well. Please respond and let me know. Thank you for your time. From: a.ordana. Reply

06/04/07 - From Toledo, OH - Masters of Science in Pharmacy Administration. Objective: To get an opportunity to learn and work in a challenging environment for a career in academics in Pharmacy Healthcare Administration. Reply

05/15/-05 - From RPh Lee. I am currently in the process of relocating to Southern California and am actively seeking a Pharmacist position.  Reply

11/11/05 - Help needed!  For my Long Term Care (LA) State Government Facility, I am desperately looking for an up to date list/chart/table of oral medications that should not be crushed or chewed to pass on to my Physicians and Nurses.  Any assistance you give would be appreciated. The most up to date list that I have now is as far back as 2000. I need something more current if possible.  Thanks for your time. RPh Lee.   jlee2@dhh.la.gov

10/09/04 - Working as a Pharmacist in Dr. T. Nanthakumar Hospital, Vellore. Pharmacy settings, sales, purchase, inventory maintenance, billings, and provide training to pharmacy interns.. From B. Kumar  in Vellore, Tamilnadu. India.

02/04/04 - EK- I am a foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency  Exam and have an authorization of a board of pharmacy ( in the U.S. )to start an internship. I was a professional retail Pharmacist with over 12 years of experience in South Korea. I also managed my own i-Pharmacy for 10 years.

02/01/04 - From Pharmacist Shef. in Washington - focus on providing quality pharmaceutical care in inpatient or in ambulatory care setting, participate in the education of providers and patients, as well as, serving as a liaison to other health care providers.

01/31/04 - Hi! from Han N. Pharmacist at Kindred Hospital... 

01/28/04 - From the Riz - Pharmacy Student at School of Pharmacy, University of Strathclyde...  Link up!

01/27/04 - From Kandil in Ontario Canada - Canadian Pharmacist doing Relief in the great white north... Covering Ontario...

01/27/04 - Schultz - I am an undergraduate student at West  Virginia University, I am majoring in Forensic Chemistry and Biochemistry, but I have become extremely interested in Pharmacy.  Help me decide...

01/21/04 - La. Brown - From the University of Wisconsin - to successfully graduate from the University with a BS in Biology. I also actively taking courses to fulfill pharmacy school requirements. I plan to continue to a prestigious pharmacy school. My future aspirations is to practice as a Pharmacist in either the hospital or retail setting.

01/08/04 - From lujda - I am a pre-Pharmacy student at UIC... looking forward to go to Pharmacy School...

Don't Just Remember your last Pharmacy Party ...Tell us about it! 

01/09/04 - Hi, from Rajendra of Shere Mahavir Institute of Pharmacy, India...

01/08/04 - From Andrea I. . I am a 2nd year pharmacy student at Duquesne University. I go to school full-time in the school year and work at my local pharmacy in the summer as a technician. Pittsburgh, PA.

01/07/04 - From Will @UMBC.edu .  Hi, what are the requirements for internship, who is eligible? 

11/11/03 from Alexis - I am attending Palomar College to get done all my Pre Reqs and then transferring to USCD to complete my Pharmacy Major. I want to be a Pharmacist....

Pharmacy Students are Linking to the site to get current Pharmacy Internships and Great Job Opportunities..

10/01/04 - From Dr. Waleed in el-minia, egypt - in the field of Pharmacy Marketing and Pharmacy Management.

10/01/04 - Hi! from Christina L. in Lancaster, CA - I am in school to be a Pharmacy Tech!

09/05/04 - Hi! from Venancio Aires, Hospital Ernesto Dorneles. Pharmacist providing Pharmaceutical care education...

04/17/04 - Graduation WOW!   Xavier University!

01/16/04 - Y. Odusote, I am a second year pharmacy student in De Montford University, Leicester, England. I would like a real life pharmacy work experience in the states...

12/10/03 - From Pradeep in Nadu, India.  I'm a bachelor in Pharmacy degree holder and working as Area manager in Dennis Labs, a Gujarat based company...Hello!

12/09/03 - From Pillarina in Quezon city, Philipines - I supervise and coordinate the activities of pharmacists and other staff ... Proud to be a Pharmacist in the Philipines.. keep up the good work Rx students... 

RxLink® offers Pharmacists, Pharmacy Techs and Pharmacy Students a wide range of Pharmacy Job opportunities

01/04/04 - From Laila A. Liverpool UK. Could you please tell me if you offer pre-registration places for pharmacy students for 2004?

Tell us here...

11/15/03 - Form Andrew at L L university School of Pharmacy - Working on a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. (Pharm.D.) It's great here in California!

11/11/03 From the University of Rhode Island Pharm.D. Candidate N. R-D.  A Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Pathology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

11/28/03 - From Corey at the University of Tenn. at Memphis. I am currently work for Walgreen's as a pharmacy intern and I am in my second year of Pharmacy school at the University of Tenn. at Memphis. I am very interested in a rewarding pharmacy experience in learning environment....


06/15/05 - I am a graduate pharmacist from India, now settled in Texas. I have cleared all the Foreign Pharmacy exam including FPGE/NAPLEX/MPJE...  I need to start working as an intern to complete my 1000 hrs of internship as need by the Texas board of Pharmacy.  My qs are: 1. Will I be in the category (internship) as the pharmacy person who graduated from scholl in USA, or do foreign pharmacy has a diff internship program? 2. Do they pay you a salary/insurance when u do the internship, or u hv to work for free. Please advise.  arvind_gaitonde@yahoo.com

Help Needed! 10/11/2004 - Florida RPh's and Pharmacy students, please help!  Hi, my name is Tiffany and I'm a Pharmacist in Philadelphia, PA.  I am looking for notes on Florida Pharmacy law from the Pharmacy Schools down there. I'm transfering my license to Florida, and I need some Pharmacy Law class notes and handouts from the law class. please help. Thanks in advance. e-mail TiffanyRPh 

02/04/04 - From Jae at Bayside NYC - 3rd year Pharmacy Student ...

01/24/04 - From Widad in Tripoli-Lebanon a graduate of Ukraine State Medical University - M.S of Science in Pharmacy... Link Up! 

01/23/04 - M.C - Pharmacy Student at Hampton University in Virginia, acquiring advanced knowledge and skills which are essential in the delivery of quality pharmaceutical care...

01/21/04- Mr. K.  Pharm-D Student at University of Michigan " if it ain't Blue, it ain't true."  tell them dog! tell themm...

01/21/04 - From T. Brown at UIC - would like to focus on clinical research development by using my quantitative and analytical skills in Pharmaceutical Research...

01/13/04 - From J. J. Racine Wisconsin, currently at Midwestern University ...Hi!

01/12/04 - From the Bronx, NY  Pac - Pharmacist at large..

01/12/04 - From the School of Pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.. a note from Erin... Hi! 

01/05/04 - From Jennifer C. . I am currently a junior at Eastern Nazarene College majoring in Biology. I have a strong interest in attending Pharmacy School upon graduation in May 2005.

12/01/03 - I am Nancy T. Reas, a Filipino citizen and I'm presently working here as a Pharmacist at Shaihk Khalifa Medical Center here in ABU DHABI, UAE. I'm 34 years old. I also worked in the Philippines for 4 years, then decided to work inSaudi Arabia in one of the Military Hospitals as a technician for 5 years before finally got the chance to work here as a Pharmacist and I have been working in this establishment since March 2001...

11/29/03 - From Mara in Caguas, Puerto Rico. I am in a PharmD degree program at this time..

11/15/03 - From Tram at the USC - Pharmacy Intern in california..

11/08/03 - From laura, Pharmacy Intern in Worthington, Ohio.   I love my Pharmacy School ...

11/06/03 - From Mary a graduate from Loyola University Chicago as a biology major. Now, a student at UIC to obtain and excel in a career in the professional field of Pharmacy...  I am having great fun in Chi Town...

08/10/03 - From Noreen. I'm living with my family in New Jersey. I'm a Senior in High School. Graduating in June 2004. My Goal is to be a Pharmacist. I wanted to learn more about this profession.. Respond Here!

RPhLink® Summer 2005 Pharmacy Internship Program

03/10/03 Throughout my childhood, I was fascinated by medicine and health care field. Drake University.

Travel Tips for Pharmacists

With our Direct Response Pharmacists Group, RPhLink® offers Schedule Flexibility to a diverse group of Pharmacy settings.. One Voice, One Vision and One Big Link for Pharmacists in this Millennium!

02/03/04 - From "E" @ Drake University, I am a second year pharmacy at Drake. I have had experience  working in two different  Pharmacies thus far in my career. I have spent 3 years in a community pharmacy back home and have just started working at a long term care pharmacy here at school.. I am trying to get as much experience as possible throughout school so as to have a better idea of what I would like to do once I graduate.



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Staff Pharmacist

Salinas, California -  Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System is seeking a pharmacist to work from 2:30pm-11pm or 12pm-8:30pm.  We offer and excellent benefits package and compensation package.  A current California license is required.  Responsibilities include compounding, dispensing, and maintaining records for medications or other supplies.  For more information fax 831-753-5881 or go online at www.svmh.com.

Clinical Pharmacist

Santa Barbara, California -  Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital  has an opening for a pharmacist for their facility.  We offer 10 hour shifts.  Responsibilities will include critical care, two medical/surgical, and an IV room.  The position has a generous benefit program including a $5,000 sign-on bonus, $3,000 rental assistance, and $1,500 relocation assistance.  For more information fax 805-569-7557.


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