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From: J. M.                                                                                                             03/02/2005

Graduate Student in Department of Pharmacy Healthcare Administration University of Toledo College of Pharmacy

What Contribution Will I Make To My Profession When I Graduate?

Pharmacy is not just counting pills. It's a significant and honorable occupation that reaches into almost all aspects of health care. Pharmacists contribute to patients care in a variety of settings. They are the trustworthy link between physicians and patients. Their expertise in the field of medicine helps in preventing many drugs side effects. They not only educate consumers on the medications use, but also ensure that the patients are getting the best health care benefits available for them.

Health science has made very high quality progress and has been effective in reducing health problems and death rates, but its dividends have not been equally shared among the different racial and ethnic groups. A perfect metaphor would be to view the world as a rich and complex tapestry of colors, backgrounds and interests. Understanding this tapestry and its implications on health disparities can enable a health practitioner reduce a number of preventable disease among the multicultural population groups. Finding ways to eliminate such disparities in community healthcare has become one of the major research issues in the field of pharmacy. One of the ways to assist in the noble cause of eliminating minority health disparities is by producing quality pharmacy health professionals who with their knowledge will be able to capitalize on the new opportunities, make use of the quality healthcare resources and deliver quality health care solutions to the future population.

A person's knowledge and education increases when he spreads it to others. Based on this thinking, my personal interests, and considering the importance of producing quality future health care professionals, my contribution to the profession of pharmacy when I graduate will be in the form of a good professor and advisor for the future pharmacy students.

Along with the understanding of the subjects like pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics. I feel pharmacists should also have the knowledge of different culture and be culturally competent so that they can educate and counsel their patients of diverse populations in a healthier way. I feel it is imperative for the future pharmacists to have knowledge of the different cultures to assist in the noble cause of eliminating minority health disparities. My contribution in this will be make use of my research interests and my knowledge and education in the field of cultural competence to improve the quality of life for the entire population irrespective of their ethnicity/race.



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Pharmacy Career Management Program

Did you know our Links? Pharmacy Student Council - ASP - RhoChi - Phi Lambda Sigma - Phi Delta Chi - Kappa Psi - SNPhA

Spring Break 08. Pharmacy Students will have fun...

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RxLink® Summer 2008 Pharmacy Internship Program

RxLink® Summer Internship Program for Pharmacy Students.

Director/Coordinator: Dr. Timothy Gaginella, RPh, PhD, University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy Professor.

Program Duration: Three 3-week segments.


Phase I

Three weeks learning in an independent retail setting. This portion will offer the student, firsthand opportunity to see the pride in independent pharmacy practice. By the end of phase I, Student will learn: pharmacy computer systems, link to patient focused care, clinical consulting and Pharmaceutical Care Services, and Intro to Independent Pharmacy Management.  Phase I Independent Pharmacy Management Report to program Director.

Phase II

Three weeks in a Long Term Care Pharmacy Setting. Intern will learn the activities in LTC Pharmacy or Senior Care Pharmacy, Senior Care Pharmacy Consulting orientation, intro to LTC Drug Delivery Systems, Nursing Home visits, intro to LTC Pharmacy administration.  Phase II LTC Report to program Director.

Phase III

The final three weeks in a hospital setting. Intro to Hospital Pharmacy, IV preparation, patient chart reviews, The Pharmaceutical Care Team (P&T): RPhs, MDs and RNs.  Phase III Hospital Rotation Report to Program Director.


- Paid Internship

- Eligible for the RxLink® Scholarship Program

Options To apply:

1- Register On Line

2- Call:920-809-6488

3- Mail Resume to: 


Pharmacy Internship Program


P.O.Box 996

Appleton, WI 54912


RxLink® - The #1 Link for Pharmacy Students 

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RxLink® offers Pharmacists, Pharmacy Techs and Pharmacy Students a wide range of Pharmacy Job opportunities.

Pharmacy Students are Linking to the site to get current Pharmacy Internships and Great Job Opportunities..

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03/10/03 Helping others is a theme that runs throughout all aspects of my life.

02/17/03 From: Drake University by S.W.   A dream of mine for many years - Helping others with health care needs...

01/23/03 My mom would ask my sister and me to write down what we wanted to be when grew up. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Pharmacy.VS

University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

University of Minnesota

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

University of Maryland

Pacific School of Pharmacy

University of Maryland

UOP Stockton, CA

University of Iowa School of Pharmacy

University of Montana

Temple University

University of Iowa, College of Pharmacy

University of North Carolina

University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

Temple University School of Pharmacy

With our Direct Response Pharmacists Group, RxLink® offers Schedule Flexibility to a diverse group of Pharmacy settings.. One Voice, One Vision and One Big Link for Pharmacists in this Millennium!From New Mexico

Nesbitt School of Pharmacy

University of Maryland

U.S. Pharmaceuticals with a New Source for Respiratory Generics.

Pharmacist's Code of Ethics

Professional Care

As a Pharmacist, how will I make a difference in the profession?" Spring Break 2000 winner

A turning point  in my life: The death of my mother, my inspiration. NAB University of Arizona School of Pharmacy

Women's Health Link here for it!

Travel Tips for Pharmacists and Techs....

11/14/2002 What Pharmacy Practice is of the greatest interest to me and Why? Student of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Applied Health Science, Worcester Accelerated PharmD. Program (H)

University of North Carolina

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03/07/05 - As a pharmacist you must always know the "four rights": the right drug, the right dose, the right patient, and the right time.  From:S. D. 2nd Year Pharmacy Student - Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, S.C.

03/02/05 - From J. M. Graduate student in Department of Pharmacy Healthcare Administration. University of Toledo College of Pharmacy. OH. "Pharmacy is not just counting pills."

03/02/05 - From: L.L. PharmD Candidate, Class of 2007 - The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy. "I will deliver high quality pharmaceutical care by reducing drug dosage errors and adverse effects with appropriate medication monitoring and counseling."

02/07/05- I plan to become a nuclear Pharmacist.

01/16/05 - I will continue to be active in organizations that help independent pharmacies through legislation and networking. From: E.R. Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate -2007 Washington State University.

12/23/04 - Enhance the care-giving potential of our profession...Caring, in my eyes, makes us better people and is the greatest most powerful contribution anyone can make. From: CQ PharmD candidate 2006, Washington State University.

02/17/04- It is the year 2020 S.S. has just been promoted to a Walgreens District Manager...

02/17/04 -From S. P.  Washington State University School of Pharmacy - I believe that Pharmacists will have an even larger role to play in the future..

01/27/04 - From M.B. at Rutgers University - I will make a positive impact on both my patients and my profession by educating the public about the roles that Pharmacists play in the health care team.

01/19/04 The program is a very challenging one... From L.K. PharmD Candidate from the URI College of Pharmacy.

11/11/03 From the University of Rhode Island Pharm.D. Candidate N. R-D.  A Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Pathology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.


More Student Notes

RxLink® Summer 2008 Pharmacy Internship Program

06/23/05 - From: A Pharmacy Summer Intern Potts/onu.edu - CVS Pharmacy - While working there this summer my main tasks were servicing the drive through and front counther, taking phone calls, filling prescriptions and taking prescriptions from Doctors over the phone.  + Southern Ohio Medical Center -  My responsibility is making IV bags, I also had to check the IV's on the floors to make sure everything was on schedule. I also entered prescriptions, take phone calls, and ran medications to the floors.  Busy Intern!  Reply 

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02/20/04 Even before the horrific tragedy on September 11, I have had a keen interest in pursuing a career in biological sciences...

01/29/04 K. N. From the University of Louisiana at Monroe(ULM).. I am proud to know that by becoming a pharmacist I can make a positive impact to those around me, especially the chance to be a role model for my siblings... 

01/05/04 The role of the Pharmacist has advanced greatly over the past few years and I intend to make my contribution by expanding the role of the Pharmacist in the chain community Pharmacy...

Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy Downers Grove, IL.   For information contact the CCP Dean's office: 630.971.6417

03/10/03 Throughout my childhood, I was fascinated by medicine and health care field. Drake University.

01/09/03 What Pharmacy practice is of greatest interest to me and why? The University of Oklahoma Health and Sciences Center - College of Pharmacy.

More Student Essays...

01/10/03 I decided to pursue pharmacy as my career during my senior year at Ames High School.

University of Wisconsin

Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

West Virginia University

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